Kate Hudson reveals why she decided to stop dating

Kate Hudson explains her choice to take a break from the dating scene

Finding joy in her solo lifestyle, Kate Hudson opened up about her reasons for stepping back from romantic relationships.

While speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the acclaimed actress, aged 45, mentioned she had chosen to take a deliberate one-year hiatus from the dating world, a step suggested by her therapist, whom she regards as excellent.

“During that period, I encountered a profound moment of emotional clarity that might have been elusive had I been entangled in the usual distractions,” Kate reflected.

She walked through how her perspective and daily habits transformed with the absence of a partner, saying, “It granted me the vision to see my environment in a sharper light. Fast forward six months, and my interest in being constantly available or mingling romantically had dissipated entirely.”

There was simply no pull towards engaging in anything with even a hint of flirtatious intent,” she elaborated.

“Finding contentment in solitude was a revelation. I embraced the single life for about three and a half years and it was a period of genuine enjoyment,” expressed the star of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

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