Justin, Hailey Bieber trying to ‘forget the past’ amid pregnancy

Justin, Hailey Bieber attempting to ‘move past history’ amid pregnancy

Justin and Hailey Bieber are viewing their pregnancy as “a fresh beginning.” The famous pair revealed they are anticipating their first child earlier this month with a series of black-and-white photos and clips featuring the Rhodes founder showcasing her baby bump.

An informant now informs Life&Style that the sentimental moment held significant meaning for the soon-to-be parents.

“It’s widely known that Hailey and Justin have faced challenges. Yet, they are thrilled about bringing a baby into the world. They perceive this new phase as an opportunity to leave their history behind,” the source disclosed.

They further mentioned that the duo, who wed in 2018, is also participating in parenting courses and reading literature on the subject.

“They’re also having serious discussions about relocating to raise their child in tranquility, away from the chaos of L.A,” the informant added.

Speaking with Us Weekly, a source earlier unveiled that keeping the news of their pregnancy under wraps for six months was “extremely challenging.”

“It was such a tough secret to keep because Hailey was eager to share the big news. Now that it’s public, she feels elated. Hailey can’t wait for the upcoming chapter and she believes that Justin will be an incredible father,” they mentioned.

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