Jeremy Renner on how returning to acting helped him heal after a near-fatal snowplow accident

Following a grievous snowplow mishap on the first day of 2023 that left him with 38 broken bones and requiring multiple surgical procedures, Jeremy Renner is poised to reprise his role in the popular series “Mayor of Kingstown.” Post-accident, Renner faced a dire medical state and a long hiatus from his acting profession that spanned over twelve months.

Renner, an acclaimed actor recognized for his portrayal of Hawkeye in the Marvel films, found that returning to the craft he loves provided a much-needed refuge from the intense physical and psychological ramifications of his ordeal.

“I can’t be consumed by my own suffering and the process of getting better all the time,” he expressed.

The journey back into acting presented formidable challenges for Renner, as his reality had been dramatically transformed by his severe injuries, including a punctured liver and a deflated lung.

Remarkably resilient, he stated that the initial weeks were precarious but emphasized how his return to the filming environment was cathartic.

In Paramount+’s “Mayor of Kingstown,” Renner captivates as Mike McLusky, a character entangled in his family’s complex dynamics within a town deeply intertwined with the prison industry. The third season is set to premiere on June 2nd.

Renner acknowledged that his recent personal trials have added an unexpected but relatable depth to his character’s portrayal. He noted, “I’ve imparted a sense of fragility to him reflective of my own, as I’ve become more delicate.”

This integration is apt, considering the character of McLusky also grapples with considerable personal loss this season. Renner observes that the alignment between his life events and McLusky’s story brings a genuine texture to his performance.

“As I was navigating a sea of similar emotions personally, it seemed to resonate with what was unfolding in McLusky’s life – and this coincidence seems to permeate through the season,” he elaborated.

Outside the realm of acting, Renner has sought comfort and progress through creative expressions like music and writing, recognizing their therapeutic value.

“Music encompasses an inherent therapeutic and emotive quality, promoting unity,” he remarked.

He is also composing a book that delves into his recuperation, encapsulating the essence of life, the specter of death, and the wisdom gleaned throughout his journey to recovery.

Renner credited his daughter, Ava, as the main inspiration in his recovery efforts. “She was my motivator,” he shared. “I directed my focus away from my own pain, concentrating instead on healing for my daughter, which in turn mitigated the hardships of my recovery.”

His impulse to recover was also for the well-being of his mother and his nephew, who was present during the accident.

“I was supported by a constellation of love… and it was this very love that fueled my will to recuperate. Shifting the focus off myself was a crucial coping strategy,” he acknowledged.

In contemplation of his career and brush with mortality, Renner offered wisdom drawn from his experiences. “Follow your gut,” he advised. “I live without regrets, a sentiment solidified during my reflective moments when faced with death,” he added.

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