Jennifer Lopez reveals things ‘twins’ don’t know about her

Photo: Jennifer Lopez shares personal tidbits Unknown to Her ‘twins’

Renowned entertainer Jennifer Lopez has opened up about aspects of her life that her children might find a tad uncomfortable.

On the recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired on Monday, Lopez made candid confessions amidst speculation about her marriage to Ben Affleck.

The couple, notable for frequently making public appearances, raised eyebrows following a noticeable absence, leading to rumors of marital discord. 

In Touch Weekly reported that there’s talk of the power couple facing a likely split, suggesting that “Ben already moved out” of the home they painstakingly selected over two years.

An inside source also told Page Six that the star of Daredevil has come to the difficult conclusion that their marriage might not be tenable.

Amid these rumors, when asked about whether her twins would be joining her on the This Is Me … Live tour, which has reportedly struggled with ticket sales according to In Touch Weekly, Lopez said her children would not be there. She stated this was because it would be “awkward” for them to see the “s*** things” she engages in on stage.

Jimmy Kimmel continued the conversation with a light-hearted comment, asking if she ever does similar “s*** things at home.”

With her trademark sense of humor, Lopez quipped, “There are s*** things I do at home indeed, but that’s for me to know, and they don’t need to know about it,” before swiftly transitioning to the next topic of discussion.   

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