Jennifer Lopez family ‘upset’ as Ben Affleck won’t ‘try to fix things’

Jennifer Lopez’s family reportedly advised her to move on from Ben Affleck marriage.As rumours surrounding couple’s marriage continues, sources close to the couple told DailyMail that Lopez’s mother Guadalupe Rodriguez, wants Lopez to leave and move on from Affleck.According to insiders Rodriguez told the Atlas star to “‘Cut your losses and move on to avoid getting any deeper in this mess.”A source stated that Lopez “wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor,” however, “he was not the person she built him up to be.””She has lost sight of who she is and what she stands for,” source added.Notably, the actress also believes that “Ben does not deserve her and her sisters agrees.””They want Jennifer to be happy, of course, but they feel their sister is getting so caught up in what it was supposed to be that she isn’t seeing it for what it is now. They want her to file for divorce first and get on with her life – focus on her kids and career,” an insider claimed, adding, “It’s upsetting to her family and Jennifer that Ben cannot see there is a woman who is loved by millions that will love him eternally – but he would rather throw in the towel than actually just try to fix things.”

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