Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck marriage NOT over yet but ‘tensions are high’

Amid challenges, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage persists.

According to insiders, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still clinging to their marriage, choosing to work through their issues rather than pursue a divorce at this time.

Even with speculation swirling about the couple’s potential separation as they near their two-year anniversary mark, sources maintain that they haven’t given up on their union.

A source confided to Entertainment Tonight that Lopez and Affleck are intentionally taking some time apart to reassess their relationship dynamics.

“Jennifer and Ben haven’t ended their relationship, yet they are living apart currently as they sort through some challenges,” the inside source disclosed to the outlet.

“They’re pausing to really understand the individual issues they’re each facing and what they want from life. They’ve both been feeling quite low,” the source noted. 

In the midst of these personal difficulties, Affleck was seen without his wedding ring at the music recital of his child with former wife Jennifer Garner, which Lopez also attended ringless.

As the famous pair confront marital conflicts, the source emphasized that Affleck is focusing on his “family and health.”

Speculation about their potential split first surfaced after In Touch Weekly published a report asserting that Affleck had “moved out” following an escalation of tension with Lopez.

“All signs point to an impending split – it seems inevitable,” an insider close to both suggested to the magazine. “They’re headed towards divorce, and this time, apparently, [Ben’s] not at fault.”

The article further suggested that Affleck’s absence from the Met Gala, where Lopez served as a co-chair, inferred he was ready to end the marriage.

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