Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck find beacon of hope amid crippling marriage?

Image: Amidst rumors of a tumultuous marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck remain a unified front for family events.

Amidst reports of distress, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently showcased their solidarity for the sake of their family.

For those in the loop, the singer of the chart-topping track Ain’t Your Mama, 54, is said to be facing trying times, and her marriage is allegedly on shaky ground.

Previously, a source spilled to In Touch Weekly that the actor, known for his role in Daredevil, and Jennifer were not living under the same roof, fueling speculation that the duo was nearing a split.

Nevertheless, these murmurs were silenced when the pair showed up, adorned with their wedding bands, at a drama production featuring Ben’s child, Fin Affleck (formally known as Seraphina Affleck).

The event also saw Jennifer’s child, Emme Muñiz, in attendance, cheering for their sibling.

According to a fresh piece by Life & Style, Emme was exuberantly cheering for Fin.

“Emme was enthusiastically cheering and bouncing with joy following Fin’s show,” a source described to the publication.

“Post-performance, there was an electric buzz among the children as they exchanged congrats and revelled in the moment,” the informant added, wrapping up the conversation.

In light of the couple’s circumstances, another source had previously stated to In Touch Weekly, “The marital challenges come second to their family commitments. They are presenting a united front. Jen, attending with Emme to support Fin, was a given. Given the close bond between Emme and Fin, Jen would be there regardless of what is happening with Ben.”

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