Identity of Prince Harry’s mole that’s leaking royal stories exposed

Identity of Prince Harry’s informant leaking royal tales revealed

Prince Harry’s informant is allegedly revealing stories to the media, and analysts have just labeled it ‘intriguing’.The disclosure has been made by royal commentator and expert Rebecca English. She shared her insights during one of her recent appearances on the Palace Confidential podcast.There she delved into the ‘intriguing’ topic that is circulating, and it suggests one of Prince Harry’s friends is the cause behind the news of his inability to meet King Charles gaining traction. She began by stating, “Prince Harry released a statement, which was quite straightforward, saying, ‘I really wanted to see my father, but essentially he was too occupied to see me’.”“Now, those close to him are briefing that, well, actually, you know, the king did offer him a place to stay, I believe that location to be St James’s Palace, but Harry felt he couldn’t stay there, because it wasn’t secure enough for him.”In Ms. English’s view, “What I find remarkable is people close to Harry leaking this story believe it portrays him positively, because I don’t think it does.”

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