How Johnny Depp is faring after ‘weight’ of Amber Heard scandal ‘lifted’

The highly publicized legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard caught worldwide attention.

Johnny Depp has found solace and a sense of normalcy after the high-profile legal battle with his former spouse, Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic abuse. 

A close source revealed that Depp is thriving, particularly during his stay in the United Kingdom. “London is like a second home to him. He’s content and immersed in his work,” they said.

“His mindset is incredibly positive right now. He’s looking forward to new projects with great enthusiasm,” they shared with Us Weekly.

The informant indicated that the Pirates of the Caribbean leading man has experienced a great sense of relief now that the litigation with Heard has concluded in his favor.

Depp remains dedicated to his craft and is open to exploring roles that resonate with him deeply.

“His choices are not limited — he is completely guided by his passions and will embrace roles that excite him,” the source elaborated.

Another confidant highlighted an upcoming collaboration with Depp’s good friend and director Tim Burton, noting, “Tim and Johnny have an unshakeable bond.”

“Johnny has a natural flair for performance and is eager to fulfill the expectations of his supporters. The love and support he continues to receive is truly touching,” the second confidant expressed.

While Depp is eager to jump back into work, he also acknowledges the need for rest, intending to “take some personal time this summer.”

“Music is a constant for him, performance or no performance. However, he plans to relax a bit before his schedule gets hectic once more,” they observed. 

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