Harry’s ‘unpredictable behaviour’ hurtful for ‘emotionally fragile’ King Charles

King Charles Impacted by Prince Harry’s Volatile Actions

The recent actions of Prince Harry have been causing emotional pain to his father, King Charles, who is currently battling cancer, according to a royal analyst.

In an interview with The Mirror, Ingrid Seward, a royal commentator, spoke about the tension between Charles and Harry, especially after the recent refusal to meet when Harry was in the UK.

Seward explained that Charles was caught off guard by Harry making their private conversation about a potential meeting public.

Speaking to The Mirror, Seward mentioned that Harry’s disclosure of Charles’s decision to not meet with him had no positive outcome for anyone involved.

According to Seward, Charles feels that his efforts to reach out to Harry are often interpreted as rejections, and Harry always seems to evade any responsibility for the strained relations.

“Whether it’s placing blame on British officials or the security provisions by the metropolitan police, nothing seems to be Harry’s accountability,” she mentioned. Seward pointed out that Harry is offered a tailored security plan for each visit.

“Harry’s erratic actions have been wounding for his father. Even if Charles had a tight schedule and couldn’t meet – which is a real possibility – making an official announcement about it is uncalled for and helps nobody.

“This is particularly troubling considering that his father is still receiving cancer treatments and may be experiencing both physical exhaustion and emotional vulnerability,” concluded Seward.

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