Harry Styles mother reflects on his ‘amazing’ career journey

Photo: Harry Styles’ mother reflects on his ‘incredible’ professional path

Harry Styles’ mom Anne Twist opened up about her son’s rise to international stardom. Lately, the mother of the Adore You singer appeared on the Spinning Plate With Sophie Ellis-Bextor podcast for a revealing conversation. Throughout this discussion, Anne elaborated on her son’s professional path and worldwide fame. “I have always known since he was two or three that there has been something, that I used to say he would end up on stage, doing what I had no idea,” she began. The proud mother of the 30-year-old music sensation also reminisced, “But he just always had something; he was always happy, a genuine little entertainer, you know, amusing the other kids; there was just something.” For those unaware, Harry Styles gained fame after the formation of the boyband One Direction from United Kingdom’s The X-Factor in 2010. However, Anne disclosed that Harry was not very keen on joining the “local talent show” at that time. “Was there ever a moment at the start of Harry‘s career where you thought oh my goodness, where does this lead us? I think that point came when the show ended because at least while it was the show, it was just the show, and there was a conclusion to that,” she added. “Like we’re doing this show, that’s great you’ll go as far as you go, see what happens and then no idea what’s gonna happen after that, and then obviously it all went wild,” Anne mentioned before transitioning to another subject.

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