Diddy puts friendship first in Chris Brown domestic violence

Diddy Prioritizes Friendship Amidst Controversy with Chris Brown

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ approach to Chris Brown’s past incident with Rihanna was highlighted again when an old interview with Ellen DeGeneres resurfaced, showing Combs communicating a non-judgmental stance, stating, “I don’t cast a stone or cast a judgment on anybody.”

In the unearthed footage, the talk show host questioned the entertainment icon regarding his decision to allow Brown, post the domestic abuse case, into his home.

At 54, Combs defended his hospitality, “I know both individuals, and it’s my home. I have the right to invite anyone I wish into my space. That’s point one.”

He elaborated, “I’m someone who doesn’t pass judgment. If a friend reaches out for help, I will extend my support, especially when it involves encouraging a constructive conversation about a complex matter they’re dealing with.”

Nevertheless, Diddy clarified his position on violence, saying, “I must say, hitting someone is never okay, regardless of the circumstances.”

This old clip gained new attention against the backdrop of a past controversy concerning Diddy’s own alleged violence towards his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, back in 2016.

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