Diddy addresses Cassie abuse video which doesn’t tell the ‘full story’

Diddy Responds to Cassie Altercation Footage, Claims Context is Missing

Hip-hop mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has reacted to a controversial video showing him in a physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, suggesting that the footage doesn’t capture the whole scenario.

After the release of the concerning video, a confidant from Diddy’s circle reportedly shared with The Post that, although the artist has acknowledged his wrongdoing in the event, he maintains that the shared footage is incomplete and misleading.

“He’s quite upset about it. The video is particularly bothering him. He claims it paints an incomplete picture of the incident. He doesn’t seek to justify his actions, but he believes the clip has been selectively edited,” the source explained.

According to this source, the impresario of Bad Boy Records perceives there to be ulterior motives in the timing and manner of the video’s disclosure.

“He feels there’s an intentional motive behind the timing of the video’s release,” the insider added.

“However, for him, the primary concern are the legal searches of his residence; the Cassie video is secondary—a mere diversion,” they stated.

Subsequent to the video surfacing, which CNN released on May 19, additional individuals have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Diddy.

The video in question shows Diddy in pursuit of his former partner Ventura as she tried to leave their hotel room at the now-defunct InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles.

The footage further displays Diddy assaulting Cassie and forcefully pulling her along a corridor. It also captures an incident where he appears to throw a glass vase in her direction.

“I utterly condemn my behavior in that video,” Diddy expressed in a later Instagram post on Sunday. “I accept complete accountability for what I did. The actions I displayed are reprehensible,” he stated.

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