Dark roles lead Nicole Kidman to do unthinkable

Dark roles compel Nicole Kidman to do the unimaginable

Portraying dark roles can have a substantial impact on performers, particularly emotionally, and Nicole Kidman faced this challenge when she portrayed Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies. Reflecting on that period during The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable, the Academy Award winner shared that the accumulated energy after filming the HBO series led her to hurl a stone at a door. “I threw a rock because [the door] was locked, and I couldn’t get in,” she mentioned. “I had never done anything like that before in my life.” She noted, “I clearly [had a lot] bottled up. I shattered the entire thing. It was very costly,” she added while laughing.

Nicole disclosed that she recounted the unusual event to her co-star and director, Alexander Skarsgård and Jean-Marc Vallée, respectively. “The next day I went back and told Alexander [Skarsgard] and Jean-Marc [Vallée], ‘I threw a rock through the window,’ and they were like, ‘Whoa …’ I said, ‘I was kind of upset,'” she recalled. “Nonetheless, there’s a philosophy we follow where the show must go on, and so you just continue — you show up and repeat the process over and over,” Nicole expressed. “Often, it entails six months of 12- to 14-hour days and there really isn’t an opportunity to say, ‘I need to care for myself.'”

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