Ben Affleck’s thoughts on ‘fever dream’ of a marriage with Jennifer Lopez

Inside sources say Ben Affleck has had an epiphany regarding his marriage to Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck has come to a striking realization that his marriage to Jennifer Lopez might not be sustainable.

A close confidant suggests that Ben has experienced an awakening concerning his decision to remarry.

“Were there such a thing as annulling a marriage due to a lapse in judgment, he’d be pursuing it,” revealed the confidant to Page Six. “He looks back at the past couple of years as a surreal episode, and his clarity now makes him see that making this marriage work is unlikely.”

Speculation about their relationship intensified after Jennifer Lopez, a 2024 Met Gala co-chair, arrived at the event alone. Fuel was added to the fire when eagle-eyed fans took note of the couple’s absence from the public eye for several weeks.

Affleck’s recent appearance without his wedding band added to the suspicion on both Friday and Saturday. However, the pair made a concerted effort to quash the whispers by stepping out together on Sunday. They joined their children for a film-related outing, offering cheerful waves in front of the cameras.

Despite this united front, body language specialist Judi James expressed to The Mirror that Ben’s mannerisms hinted at frustration: “While driving, he’s seen gesturing in a way that suggests irritation, with his hand elevated, fingers apart and rather than smiling, he’s grimacing, all while Jen sits beside him, not offering a smile.”

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