Arnold Schwarzenegger shares tips to get big muscles

Discover Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscle building tips

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic figure in bodybuilding, has offered a vital dietary tip for enhancing muscle repair before hitting the gym: indulging in cherries.

In his renowned Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, the celebrated Terminator actor backs his advice with scientific findings, showcasing the fruit’s effectiveness in relieving muscle tension, pain, and inflammation.

“A fresh review has highlighted that cherries can help you recover quicker from your most strenuous workouts.”

Aside from boosting muscle power, the former leader of California emphasizes the positive effects of cherries on arterial health, cognitive stamina, and overall energy levels.

“Researchers analyzed 14 studies and discovered that cherry juice enhances recovery of muscle strength and reduces discomfort, as well as combats muscle damage and inflammation,” he noted.

Moreover, “Compelling evidence is mounting that it might also alleviate mental exhaustion, decrease weariness, and normalize blood pressure.”

In addressing the right quantity of cherries to consume, Arnold suggests, “There are plenty of cherry-based supplements out there. However, if you prefer to nourish your muscles naturally, consider making cherries a staple in your diet.”

“Studies indicate that you’d need to consume around 100 cherries to obtain the necessary nutrients for your muscles,” he concludes.

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